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Jessica Halmshaw

Is a paper artist & illustrator based in Southsea, UK

Hello! I'm Jessica. Paper enthusiast and hopeful thinker.

Since 2015 I have been creating papercut art and illustrations. First from hilly Durham, then the quaint streets of Leiden in the Netherlands and now Southsea.


Throughout this journey I have enjoyed telling the stories of the cities, the people and the cultures I have experienced.


Whether that be watching the historic miners gala from the deteriorating 16th century window of the art gallery I worked in... 


Or sitting in an eetcafé, eating borrel (deep fried Dutch snacks!), watching cyclists live and move their lives on their bikes, including furniture, art and children!


I hope that through my pictures you gain a window into another life or another playful paper world.


Keep up to date with new work via instagram or facebook.

Purchase via my shop and commissions are welcome. If you have an idea, I can do it! Please see the bespoke art page. 


Feel free to say hi at:



The Kemble Gallery, Durham

Jane Austen House, Chawton, Hampshire

Hill Top, Beatrix Potter's House, Lake District

Bronte Parsonage Museum, Haworth



Women in Art, Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth


Draw me a Tree, Wild City Portsmouth, Portsmouth 

Joy Jam, Grateful Arts Club, Portsmouth

2018- 2019

Hortus Botanicus, Leiden

Galerie Zone, Leiden


WOW Duurzam Design, Leiden

House of Items, Leiden

Southsea, UK   |

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